Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Preamble to 2009

I've taken on a lot of challenges this year, one of which is to try for the Grand Slam of all 12 of the Vasque Runfurther ultra running series. I had to make some serious sacrifices to take this on, more of which in a later post.

I've been a challenge event junkie for over ten years, meaning I do a challenge event most weekends. I have the LDWA to thank for providing the wonderful wealth of events to choose from. I average a marathon per week across the hills, all contained in a weekend event.

This year I've been getting serious; I've been running to work every day instead of cycling. It's not far but the daily running paid dividends after the first week. Three personal bests so far, in ten years of doing the same events, have been the reward.

My events so far this year include The Hebden, Two Crosses Circuit, That's Lyth, Rombald's Stride and Anglezarke Amble.

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  1. Well it's never too late to start training! Glad it's paying off. Good luck for your 2009 races.