Sunday, 31 May 2009

My 8th Bramhall Park 5k run

This is my second recovery weekend to soak up the hot sunshine, catch up on jobs and indulge in a barbecue, so it provided a perfect opportunity to run my second 5k race in Bramhall Park in a row. I was relieved to be able to put in a slightly more respectable performance (for me, that is) compared to last week of 21:43.

My brother, visiting from France, came along and got himself a PB on his second running.

I was pleased to make the acquaintance of Andy Shirres, whom I recognised from his blog. We exchanged interesting running stories, which continued on our jog home until our paths went different ways.

Long may this hot weather continue. It's all good training for Western States, which is only 4 weeks away now.


  1. Just reading this and it's a small world! I have known Andy since the earlish days of my MdS training and we shared a tent over there... great bloke ... and he seems to be getting faster and faster after the MdS!

  2. nice running nick! think the continued hot spell will receed just in time for wharfedale

  3. UC, I prefer the hot weather. The return to winter was a shock to the system.

    Mike, it certainly is a small world. This pastime of ours links people across continents, not just across small countries.

    It was good meeting you both on Saturday.