Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pre-Lakeland update

Last weekend was a weekend off for me - no event booked - so I cycled down to my local Parkrun at Bramhall Park for a 3.125-mile run under the pressure of competition from schoolkids up to OAPs. I wasn't expecting much from myself. I'd gone to seed, speedwise, since the Western States debacle. (I still have stomach issues that have re-emerged; they could be a legacy of my radiotherapy treatment in 2003, as I was reminded by the doctor at my recent Christie checkup.) I had done no short, fast runs because I'd rediscovered the pleasure (and ease) of blasting to work on the bicycle since the Manchester-to-Blackpool bike ride.

I predicted I'd be about a minute down with my 5k time. I pushed as hard as I could go all the way round but I could sense I was slower than I should be. I felt slow, ponderous and unfit. I wasn't overtaken on the final straight like I normally am but my time of 22:31 turned out to be a Personal Worst on this course and exactly 1 minute down on my PB in May (don't believe the latest times on the website; they're very generous). It was great to catch up again with Andy Shirres again afterwards.

Right, time to make reparations. I started running to work again this week. What a chore! It feels like I'm a beginner, starting running from scratch. Monday was a slog. Today was slightly easier. I hope tomorrow and Thursday are easier still to set me up for the Lakeland 50 at the weekend. I was registered for the 100 but I saw sense and downgraded to the minimum necessary to keep the Vasque Grand Slam dream alive. I expect it to be tough.


  1. I just found your blog!! I actually completed my first ultra (50 miles) a few wknds ago. It was such a great experience!

  2. dieing to know how you got on in the Lakeland 50 nick!!? looking forward to your race report!

    i'm stoked about your place in the Devon 100 too! Be great to hook up before this for a race or two later in the year!

  3. so nick..we await the report and piccies
    hope it went well !

  4. Denise, great work - join the ultra club. You'll be a member for a long time. Which 50 was it?

    Stu and UC, I haven't started writing it yet but just in process of uploading the pictures. I had the usual camera dampness problems so there are not many taken out on the course. I admire the hundredeers. Average finishing times give an idea of the conditions. It's a very tough event. I'm glad I didn't go for the full monty, although I'm strangely drawn to having a bash to see if a top ten finish might be within my grasp (ambitious I know).