Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tour du Mont Blanc, here I come!!

I've had two weekends off the ultras to build up my strength for a serious biggie next weekend. I have run my local Parkrun 5k at Bramhall Park for a couple of weekends. Last weekend's effort was poor (22:21), so I resolved to run to work every day last week in the expectation that I would improve this weekend. I did; I squeezed out 21:50. It wasn't a PB but at least I broke through the 7mins/mile pace, just, and I felt fit and well after the cycle there and back. Consider it a mini duathlon.

The UTMB starts at 6:30pm next Friday, 28th August (5:30pm UK time). We are allowed 46 hours to complete it. I would hope to do it within 36 hours if my body doesn't fail me, in which case I would finish by 6:30am on Sunday. I understand you will be able to follow the thousands of participants live on the website. Please follow my progress and send me good vibes. I'll need them after the Western States debacle. I fly out on Monday to acclimatise (we exceed 2,500 metres altitude during the race).

My runner number is 3835.


  1. wow Nick you kept this quiet!! Seriously you can't get enough of this Ultra running malarkey can you! :-) You go show those french how's it done!

    Oh... and I wanted to stay in touch via email to swap training tips, get your advice in the lead up to the 100 next year, and generally chat ultras. If you would like to can you email me at so I have your details! thanks Nick. Good luck with UTMB!

  2. Hi,
    Would be interested in what you thought of the UTMB compared to the WS100

  3. I enjoyed a slog in serious mountains for 77 miles. Inadequate fuelling trashed my legs past the point of no return, so I declined to embark on 27 more miles and 3 serious climbs that would take me another 15 hours plus. A subsequent medical issue vindicated my decision to retire. I have no regrets.

    Anonymous Stuart, Western States is easy compared to UTMB. There is far more ascent in the UTMB, where ascents seem to last for ever and the trails are not groomed. Western States has nothing to compare with that. The only issue with WS is the heat. UTMB was cool this year.

  4. Thanks Nick. I am contemplating entering the WS100 but its a long way to go to DNF if its out of my league!
    I finished the UTMB in 2007 when it was quite hot but suffered early on. I need to go back now I know what its all about but really do fancy the WS100 too.
    Thanks again