Sunday, 2 May 2010

The light at the end of tunnel has faded.

Last week provided a surprise setback. Although the left metatarsal fracture is all but recovered, the right knee took an unexpected turn for the worse. A couple of walks to work with attempts to run a few yards proved that something is seriously amiss and has no intention of getting better by itself. Now, there is never a time when I'm not reminded of my decrepit state – in bed, on the bog, even walking has become uncomfortable, sitting gets more painful than before and driving, even before 'exercise', is almost unbearable.

The sports physio now suspects that perhaps it's not inflamed tendons after all. Exercise was prescribed for that, which provided my light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps the crepitus (compromised cartilage / crunching knee, which has become noticeably worse since February) is the cause of the pain after all. Anything that exacerbates it is not advised. That's very bad. It's as good as 'confinement to quarters' for someone whose life is getting out and being active.

I await a second consultation with the knee surgeon on 21st May for a reassessment. First time around he said there was nothing for him to treat and recommended physiotherapy. That isn't working. Let's hope he finds something the second time and can perform a miracle on me, or else Calderdale Hike 2010 may have been my swansong.

Once more, all energetic locomotion involving my own two feet is off-limits for the foreseeable future. Unsurprisingly I suffered my third major low towards the end of last week. Since I will have little to report, this blog will tend to die a death. However I do hope to travel up to The Fellsman next week to help out, take pictures and see the group I was to have run with. I'll see you soon Stuart, Chris, Danny, Mark and Matt.

I'll finish with a picture, a bitter-sweet reminiscence of when I still had it and could still do it. Note the offending knee, fully-loaded and uncomplaining back then. Staffordshire Moorlands Christmas Cracker, December 2008.


  1. Hi Nick,

    Easy words to say, I know but 'hang on in there', 'not over till the fat lady sings' etc, etc.
    I'm sure all will work out for the good:-)


  2. Thank you Paul. I'm hanging on. ;-)
    At least I'm getting to catch up with other stuff around the house.

  3. collude with pauls sentiments
    it aint over til its over
    positive mental thinking can be your best ally nick

  4. Hi Nick, you've certainly been in the wars with the foot and knee. I hope with time the knee will be useable again. One of mine has become dodgy recently so I'll be watching your progress with interest. I actually found a lot of stretching etc recommended by my physio made the knee worse, and the other knee started to hurt too. I've cut back on stretching and I think it's helping. Be patient with it and don't give up. As a last resort try resting it for a few months with just walking to keep it loose. I hope you can keep the blog going either way, maybe as a general ultra site. Best of luck, and possibly see you at the Fellsman.

  5. Hi Nick, hopefully you will get some good news from this knee soon. I feel your good karma is overdue. I'm sure you'll be back, painful as the knee and enforced rest are right now.

  6. Rest - better late than never!?

  7. Things can improve Nick.
    I had patellar maltracking problems in 2007 which prevented me running at all. Surgery in March 2008 helped but it took a long time to get back and there were many times when I despaired of ever running again.
    I ran a marathon again in Nov 2008 and my 1st post-op ultra in Jan 09. seems like a distant memory now. I have to be careful but I can run again