Thursday, 22 July 2010

I'm going to play in the Lake District for the weekend.

I'm sorry I still haven't had a chance to update you on Baslow Bootbash, Osmotherley Phoenix and White Peak Walk.

Tomorrow I and loads of others are off to Coniston to thrash ourselves around the fells for the weekend. The 100+ mile Ultra Tour of the Lake District starts at 17:30 on Friday and finishes by 09:30 on Sunday. It is the third running of this event with the largest ever field by a massive margin. It will be a major reunion of running friends old and new, from home and abroad. If I finish it I would hope not to take as long as the full 40 hours. Two full nights and those precipitous rocky mountain trails could be a challenging mixture. We will be electronically timed and live updates will be posted to the website as we go, so please follow our progress and wish us well. We'll need it.

Below is a scene we will not get to see because it will be dark. I took it during one of the guided reconnoitres in 2009. It shows the River Liza as seen from Black Sail Pass. We will have to get down there. Did I mention it will be dark?

There's just been a slight hitch in that my big toenail, traumatised during the Heart of Scotland 100, has just come off. The exposure of such tender flesh is not what one would choose just before embarking on another one. I've just upgraded to size 11s so hopefully my tootsies will remain unmolested this time.


  1. Have a good one! I look forward to the write up

  2. Good luck, Nick. Hope your feet make it 'round!

  3. go Nick! just checked the live site. CP11 (130km) in 27hrs! great effort! Keep going!

  4. Hope it was a great run, Nick!! Congrats on all of your awesome feats of strength and're awesome! -AMS

  5. I've started to write the report this evening. I hope to post within a day or three. Suffice to say it was the toughest, most extreme thing I have ever done (tougher than Coyote Two Moons and it makes Western States look like a walk in the park). It was mental and physical torture. I thought I'd be a blithering wreck afterwards but, apart from the raw feet, I'm none the worse for wear.