Sunday, 5 December 2010

A bit of a romp in the snow

I was due to do a 10-mile LDWA group walk with friends from the UK and The Netherlands today (Saturday 4th December), but the extreme amount of snow in the Hope Valley meant that it had to be postponed, so we did our own thing instead. We took the train to Buxton and, after a nice meal at The Old Clubhouse, we trudged an out-and-back along the finish of the High Peak 40. I say "trudged" because the snow was deeper than we expected. Here is what the final viaduct looks like in September when it's warm and dry:

Here is what it looked like today:

A pooch from the local farm tagged along for a run:


  1. I'm off to do my own group walk tomorrow, the Nidderdale Christmas Lunch Walk. I daresay my snow boots will be more appropriate than running shoes. Nick, you were asking for snow a few days ago, right? Happy now?

  2. that looks more like resistence training!

  3. Yes Dawn I was, and no I'm not happy. We barely got 4 inches down here and most of it melted on Saturday night :-(. I hope your Christmas Walk went well. It should have been nicely frozen again. It's turned bitter again over here after the brief thaw.

    UC, it was good cardiovascular training, especially when I tried to run for a few yards through it. That kind of messed it up for the follower who had been using my foot holes. Then he had to make his own ever other step.

  4. Looks like hard work! Nice & clean though.

  5. Hi Nick,

    an aside from this post - what could you tell me about the Trollers Trot? I've got two road marathons to my name (snowdonia and great langdale) and a couple of 7 mile fell races - what's the Trot like in terms of terrain and an indicative time - are we talking 6hours+ territory?



  6. Hi Barny,
    Troller's Trot is one of my many favourites. It's runnable for the most part, yet hilly, so it can exhaust you by the final few miles along the river to the finish if you've pushed too hard and not fuelled yourself well enough earlier on. Obviously it's more technical than Snowdonia. As a guide, my best Snowdonia time is 4:00 and best Troller's time is 4:07.

  7. thanks Nick - I got 4h46 for snowdonia in 2009 (with some mitigating circumstances!) so there's hope for me on the Trollers!