Monday, 21 February 2011

The Lactic Acid Test; 8.2mi with 1,434' of ascent. 20/02/2011.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I really should do more of these short races. It's the only time I get to push the limits all the way to the end without having to worry about the consequences.

This was the first running of this event by Kiwi Classic Events, and the first K C Event I have done. I was suitably impressed. It gave the impression of a commercial event that introduced the fell-novice to a touch of fell racing, with a well-marked course, care and attention to detail and a post-race veggie hotpot included, yet the price was not the rip-off that you might have assumed. £6 (for a UKA affiliated runner) seems downright reasonable to me.

The course started from the Royal Oak Pub in Stalybridge and skirted Hollingworthall Moor before crossing between Walkerwood and Brushes Reservoirs and climbing to Slatepit Moor. Then followed a descent to Higher Swineshaw Reservoir before turning right and skirting Lower Swineshaw Reservoir on the climb to the high point of the course, Hollingworthall Moor and the trig point. Then came the 'triple-X-rated' descent towards Wild Bank and the circuitous descent 'around Bill's mother's' back to the finish. I enjoyed the triple X' part - one of the few times I got to do some overtaking.

I finished in the top half, so that was good. The chat, food and prizegiving afterwards in the Royal Oak was good and took longer than the race itself. It was another new experience and excellent weekend outing in an area I've never visited before.

I was in race mode, so I set off with my camera already in hand in case the opportunity presented itself. It did, you lucky people: PICTURES.


  1. think i should take a leaf out of your well thumbed book nick

  2. Right on Dave. I'll see you on an event somewhere soon.

  3. Sounds like a great little event Nick! I've said it before and I'll say it again - you guys are blessed with so many super trail races on your door step it always leaves me more than a little envious! But I think I would be in a heel of trouble at home if I had these on my doorstep! So on reflection I'm happy, and importantly so is the wife!

    I don't suppose you considered entering the Lightning 12 hr race have you Nick? 20 March. Google it. I'll be there running in circles for 12 hours. Would definitely be a chance for you to set a personal 12hr distance record! What is this btw?

  4. what a cracking race this one was with some great food at the end!

  5. Stu, I've never done a time race, only distance races. I reckon one of my best performances was Bullock Smithy Hike last September - 56.3 miles with 8,243' of ascent in 11:56. Did I mention it was a PB out of 14 starts? I did? Oh......;-)
    Unfortunately I'm otherwise occupied on the weekend of the 19-20 March with the Hardmoors 55.

    t.o.r., I was impressed with the food too, especially considering the entry fee and the fact that it was supposed to be a commercial venture.

  6. Nick...Great photos and memories of this race, that's me in photos 7 (near blue vest, orange hoop) and 9(again on this, just about to desend the XXX decent).

    Glossopdale Harriers