Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Herod Farm fell race. 3mi + 1,100'. Wed 20/04/2011.

I had nothing planned for the Easter weekend and I was hankering after an excuse to exert myself properly. A quick scan of the FRA fixtures calendar revealed a convenient local race that was just right for a warm mid-week summer's evening (in April?!). I eventually found my way to the correct road on the outskirts of Glossop and the new registration point at the Reliance Garage. (The pub where the race used to be based is now a private residence.) The new location proved to be ideal because of all the parking space it provided.
After registration we had quite a lengthy walk/jog up to the start for 7:30pm. We were soon set off on the upward track, raising the dust as we went (in April?!). I won't go into too much detail because the optimistic runner has already written a good account. The route took us up Whiteley Nab, twice. The first descent felt like the run to the finish so the temptation to give it all you had was immense. I was glad I'd read the FRA forum and seen mention of a second climb. Nonetheless when it came it was still a shock to the system. We were forced to a walk. I overtook someone trying to run as I recovered with my uphill power walk. Running was futile. We passed another runner with two extensively bloodied legs, who had retired from the race and was retracing the direct route back down to the finish. He must have been one of the front runners who went off route and lost time ploughing through brambles to get back on route. My uphill overtaking had emptied my legs of energy, rendering them somewhat jellyfied for the second steep downhill to the finish. What should have been a gravity-assisted sprint became a bit of a plod. I wasn't alone because I only got overtaken by a couple of other runners.
We mingled and chatted at the finishing line and applauded the following finishers before walking back down to the garage for more chat and the prize presentations at dusk in the balmy evening air (in April?!).

I did not take my camera in view of the intense nature of the event, but 'Desperate Stan' made the best of a compact camera out on the course in the fading evening light. He took this picture on the final descent.

Thanks go to Glossopdale Harriers for hosting such a good race so well.


  1. These sprint races seem becoming a habit. Didnt you do Herod Farm last year.

    Good stuff Nick

  2. No Steve, this was my first time. Last year's short ones were Whaley Waltz, Tracks to Trig, Famous Grouse and Whinberry Naze. You're probably thinking of the uphill only Tracks to Trig?