Monday, 16 May 2011

Rainow 5 fell race. 5mi + 750’. Wed 11/05/2011.

I ran this local evening race as part of my final training for the Marlborough Downs Challenge on Saturday. The route took us up past White Nancy and beyond before turning for home back to the Rainow Institute. I’d been feeling strong and continued to feel so during this race, such that I finished in the top half for, I think, only the second time in a short fell race. (I won’t mention the fact that the popular and iconic Burbage Skyline race took place the previous evening and may have removed some of the stiffest competition from this race.) I finished 64th out of 134 finishers with a time of 0:43:45. Things are looking good for Saturday.

Running past White Nancy

Winning time was 0:32:09 by MJ Jack Ross of Mow Cop Runners.

The race was slickly organised and the awards ceremony afterwards in Rainow Institute flowed smoothly and quickly without a hitch. Why was that? The results were processed the old-fashioned way with stickers on boards, not a computer in sight.

Despite this being a short, fast, furious race I managed to take quite a few pictures. They give a good flavour of the friendly local evening fell race scene. The conditions were perfect as you will see. We finished with clean shoes.


  1. Hi Nick

    You will be changing the header on your blog next.

    Nick Ham Fell sprinter.

  2. Well done Nick! New to your blog. Really lovely photos.
    I'm going to have to google White Nancy because I am not sure what it is...

  3. Neither am I, JessiePants ;-) Thanks BTW :-)

    Steve, you wag. Me, sprinter? Oo-er. No-one's ever said that before.

    Shot, UC? Surely you mean shots. I took one from both sides. The evening sunshine clinched it I think.