Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Crosslite mods for Lakeland 100

The Lakeland 50 and 100 are nearly upon us. Loads of people I know are doing it. It filled up months ago. It's built a formidable reputation and become one of the must-do world class tough Ultras in only its 4th year in existence. It'll be my third time and I sense big changes towards greatness. I depart on Thursday pm for the final wind-down and sleep in Coniston, ready for the L100 start at 17:30 on Friday. Fell-running legend Joss Naylor will be setting us off on our (up to) 40-hour journey. Race progress can be followed live via Sportident timing at http://www.lakeland100.com/. Please follow us, will us to finish and will the rain to keep away.

Before all that, I have decided to strengthen my new pair of LaSportiva Crosslites before the uppers get a chance to start ripping. Shoe Goo is my strengthener of choice. My first pair has done many hundreds of miles and served me well, but for half of that time my balls (of my feet!) have been peeking out. I'm hoping that this treatment will delay the, ahem, 'exposure'. I'll let you know how it goes.

Old and new with preventive treatment at the ready.

Masked and ready for gunging.

Shoe Goo'd and curing for Friday.


  1. Have a good one Nick.
    Im hoping to be out on the route somewhere, probably fuesdale area.

  2. Guess this means that you did eventually found some Shoe Goo then Nick?

  3. ... should have said - hope it does the trick! Have a good one!

  4. The Internet is a wonderful thing, Mad.

    Thanks Stu. If you see me, shout out. I'm assuming I'll be a bit out of it with blinkered vision and one thing on my mind - to make it to Mardale Head. If I do see you first, things are looking up and expect me any time after midday Saturday (says me ambitiously, but it can't be as bad as last year).

  5. Best of luck Nick, I'm best manning at my brother's wedding this weekend but I'll be checking in via the iphone to see how it's all going. Interesting shoe gooing, might try this on my next pair of NB101s.

  6. Maybe I'll bump into this weekend, Nick. I'm doing the Open 24 Adventure Race starting in Pooley Bridge, but we are in the dark about what route/areas we will be in. Also hoping that the rain stays away as we do know that we will be bicycling in the dark on Saturday night. Good luck on the 100!

  7. Good luck Nick I'm sure I'll see you on the day. I'm travelling up with Alison on the Friday. The shoe's look well protected. I'm taking some home made flap jacks with pumpkin seeds :)

  8. Simon, your the second one I know who will be best manning and trying to check in. I hope your speech goes well.

    Thanks Steve.

    Hey Dawn, best of luck with your adventure. The weather forecast is looking good. I expect to be passing through Pooley Bridge any time after 11am on Saturday. You must surely see some Lakeland runners on your travels.

    Roger you'll be flying with that turbo fuel. I suspect you may have afterburner assistance too.

  9. Nick, we will start our race right at 11 a.m., but the first leg is on the lake with kayaks. So if you see a big red tandem kayak floating around looking lost, it might be me!