Thursday, 16 January 2014

Puma Stockport 10. 08/12/2013.

It's not really a 10 mile road race because there's some track and trail, even more so this year with the modified route on the other side of the valley that took out a bit more road. We could hear 'Tom Potson's' commentary echoing across from the stadium PA as we descended the new route back down to the valley floor. The "Pooma Shtockport Chen" is so much better for it. Tom's a good egg. His commentary is exemplary, he sports a good head of hair for his age and his choice of sheepskin coat cannot be faulted for this midwinter race (except it wasn't that cold this year).

The lead-up to this year's race was dynamic with underlying drama, as shown by the following two videos.

Post-race analysis can be found below. Try to curb your goody-bag lust.

My race performance was a bit off the mark. Compared to last year I'd gone off the boil somewhat. 1:17:46 was 2 mins 46 secs slower than last year's PB. That's by the by, though. I love this race. It's friendly, well-supported with electronic chip timing and very entertaining. I'll be back in 2014 for my 9th.

A minor drama occurred just after I'd passed under the finishing arch. A gust of wind wrenched it from its moorings and lifted it to the other side of the track, knocking over the race clock in the process. Amazingly it didn't touch any of the finishing runners on its journey, so clinical was the launch and repositioning operation. Ditch the tin tacks in favour of proper stakes next year?

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