Thursday, 11 June 2009

It's starting to get busy now

I'm off up north tomorrow to ease myself into Three Rings Of Shap on Saturday. (I am 'enjoying' a 15% reduced wage and working time now thanks to human greed and avarice wrecking the world economy, so I get to spend more time doing the things I really like doing.) At 100k / 62.5mi., it'll be my final ultra to keep me in trim before a two-week taper for the Western States Endurance Run.

As I'll be flying out a week on Saturday to acclimatise to the heat and altitude and generally chill out and recharge the batteries in Squaw Valley, I may not have enough time to post a blog and photos, so this preamble may have to suffice for a while. I may be able to upload while I'm in the US. It will be a bonus. All I can say is, keep watching!

It should be possible again to monitor runners' progress live on the WS100 website as the race progresses over the full 30 hours. If you wish to follow me, my number this year is 238. Here's a taster to whet the appetite:

If you want more, two years' worth plus one half-hearted, fire-damaged one are on my Flickr! page. Enjoy!


  1. hey not a bad thing nick. you cant buy time.
    enjoy shap and hope you both enjoy western states and do well!

  2. Hope all goes well on the western states. Been following this blog for a while so will watch with interest and keep my fingers crossed.