Thursday, 25 June 2009

Western States 100 - nearly here

As part of the final taper, four of us (Jez, Paul, Simon and I) went for a jog on the Tahoe Rim Trail yesterday. It was a high altitude, 6.1 mile out-and back from Mount Rose, with the massive Lake Tahoe below in the distance. The altitude was very noticeable in that I got out of breath very quickly.

Me, Jez Bragg, Paul Charteris, Simon Mtuy (Tanzania).

At the turn-around point, Jez, Simon and Paul gave themselves a chiropractic session on some convenient boulders. I made do with 50 press-ups.

Do-it-yourself chiropractic session.

Today is medical check-in for the cardiac and blood sodium medical research studies.

This evening is a bring-your-own food reunion of fellow runners/forumites in Squaw Valley Lodge down in the village below where I'm staying.

Tomorrow is race check-in and medical, followed by a very early night for the 2:30am rise on Saturday. The race starts at 5am (1pm UK time). It can be followed live via the webcast. My number is 238. If you see me getting close to the cut-offs (even if I don't), please shout loud words of encouragement. Ta :-)


  1. Great write up Nick, love the photo of the three big men stretching on the rocks!

  2. You guys know how to give one another a chiropractic treatment? That’s amazing! How did you learn that? I hope that part of your training involved the medical aspect and the proper approach in adjustments. Anyway, I hope you felt great after, and that it helped you advanced through the race.

    Victor Barnes @ Spine Boy

    1. Victor, they just stretched on the rocks. It didn't hinder their race performance at all. :-)