Monday, 3 January 2011

Giant's Tooth fell race. 3mi. / 400'. 01/01/2011.

The first outing of the year was a nice little leg loosener based from Ogden Reservoir, Causeway Foot, between Halifax and Keighley. The weather has become a bit chilly again and flakes of wet snow jostled with the light rain before the start, but any chilly thoughts were soon banished as soon as we were underway. The climbs certainly got the lungs burning and the body temperature up, so off came the headwear early on. The temptation to walk was avoided at all costs since it was such a short outing, and to do so would have wasted a golden opportunity to push the boundaries (something I don't do nearly enough).

The turnout of 107 was impressive considering it was New Year's Day. There were plenty of amazing performances as always, but I was particularly impressed by several juniors, both male and female, who finished way up near the top. It's good to see such natural skill and keenness to get out there and just do it instead of vegetating inside in the warm and dry.

Afterwards we enjoyed simple food, drink and a chat in the pub while we waited for the results to be worked out and prizes to be awarded. My time of 23:30 got me 51st place, a top half finish, which if I'm not mistaken is a first for a short sharp fell race like this.