Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ramblings and plans for 2011

During the course of uploading my first video I discovered that my Blogger template was too narrow for the video window, and I couldn't adjust it. A quick look revealed the more up-to-date templates, which can be adjusted. I tweaked and this is the result. Hope you like it.

While tweaking I updated the header picture. I took it in 2009 at the start of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. It is there as a constant reminder to keep me on my toes, because I have just taken my place on UTMB 2011. I didn't get through the lottery in 2010 so I was one of the many who had a place reserved for 2011, subject to qualifying with sufficient points, of course (no problems there ;-). I am bricking it more than I do for any other event. It is an awesome race that commands enormous respect - even more so after I 'died a death' at 77 miles (Champex) in 2009. My mantra for 2011 will be 'take it slowly and fuel, fuel, fuel'. In 'brickability quotient' I rate UTMB 100 1st, Lakeland 100 2nd and Western States 100 3rd.

So, my schedule for 2011 is shaping up nicely, though many holes remain. This is what it looks like so far:
01 Jan - Giant's Tooth 3mi. fell race
09 Jan - Winter Tanners 30mi.
22 Jan - The Hebden 22mi.
30 Jan - That's Lyth 23.5mi.
05 Feb - Rombald Stride 23mi.
12 Feb - Anglezarke Amble 24mi.
20 Feb - The Lactic Acid Test 8mi./1,300'
05 Mar - Trollers Trot 25mi.
12 Mar - Wuthering Hike 32mi. (Rf1)
19 Mar - Hardmoors 55mi. (Rf2)
02 Apr - The Three Shires 29mi.
09 Apr - Calderdale Hike 36mi. (Rf3)
16 Apr - Grasmere Fells & Tarns 21mi.
30 Apr - Montane Highland Fling 53mi. (Rf4)
14 May - Marlborough Downs Challenge 33mi. (Rf5)
21 May - Might Contain Nuts Brecon 40mi. (Rf6)
28 May - Housman 100mi.
05 Jun - Shires and Spires 35mi. (Rf7)
02 Jul - Osmotherley Phoenix 33mi. (Rf8)
09 Jul - White Peak Walk 26mi. (we are allowed to run)
29 Jul - Lakeland 100mi. (Rf9)
06 Aug - Long Tour of Bradwell 31mi. (Rf10)
26 Aug - Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 100mi.
17 Sep - High Peak 40mi. (Rf11)
15 Oct - Rowbotham's Round Rotherham 50mi. (Rf12)
29 Oct - Snowdonia Marathon.

The more astute among you may have sniffed a Grand Slam fantasy. Rf1 - 12 are the Runfurther series races.


  1. After reading that list I need to lie down! So much for plenty of rest between ultras. I like your UTMB mantra - a similar one I've heard is "it ain't the distance that gets you, it's the pace".

  2. Indeed sounds like a full calendar! See you at Hebden

  3. Hi Nick
    will see you at
    Wuthering Hike
    Hardmoors 55 (well me being the director and that lol)
    highland Fling
    Marlborough Downs
    L 100
    In Chamonix hopefully to do the TDS this time
    Long Tour of Bradwell
    Round Rotherham

    doing the Old County Tops instead of the Brecon 40, may do Caesars Camp 100, Lyke Wake and running the Hardmoors 110 this year. Will look at 'Thats Lyth' and 3 shires cheers mate


  4. thats one busy year..see you at a few of them probably starting at 3 shires

  5. Ouch that looks like allot, and some are so close together! Here's my plan (still undecided for a few)

    14 May - Marlborough Downs Challenge 33mi. - undecided
    28 May - Housman 100mi.
    02 Jul - Osmotherley Phoenix 33mi. - undecided
    29 Jul - Lakeland 100mi.
    06 Aug - Long Tour of Bradwell 31mi. (I saw a few people do this after the Lakeland 100 and they seemed to be in allot of pain, so this might be a maybe..)
    17 Sep - High Peak 40mi.
    15 Oct - Rowbotham's Round Rotherham 50mi.

  6. Hi nick - Will be seeing you at a fair number of these....starting at Hebden on Sat...

    Danny & i by the way got the nod in the UTMB ballot earlier today....I'm guessing that'll be the "hard one" this year....will no doubt be picking your brains come Saturday.

    see you then.....

    cheers - mark...

  7. That's my boy! GO for it Nick. I just sincerely hope that the amount of events you pack into a year doesn't effect your ability to enjoy your running for 10-20-30+... years from now.... always worth having a future plan too.

  8. Thanks for posting your schedules too. I look forward to more crossing of paths in 2011. I know my schedule seems rather packed but I've been doing it for years, only anonymously before this blogging lark. I recover during the week. Last year I did not feel the effects of Lakeland 100 in my legs when I got my massive PB on the Long Tour of Bradwell. :-)

    More business travel may be on the cards this year (possibly involving South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China, New Zealand in addition to Europe and possibly USA), but I'll try to prevent it interfering with my important events (Runfurther series, Housman 100 and UTMB). UC, Three Shires might possibly be the first casualty.

    Mark, glad you and Danny got into UTMB. Let me know if you need accommodation. I hope to have an apartment for a week.

    Ali, you are so right. Going too fast (as well as not eating and hydrating enough) can really set you back for a long time. My 38:16 last year on the L100 obviously saved me from after-effects.

  9. Wow, your race schedule makes me wish my work schedule didn't include half the weekends of the year. I'd try to make it out to a lot more events. See you at That's Lyth, and then hopefully the first event of the Runfurther Series. I'm working up to the Houseman 100 but I can't imagine doing three of them...maybe the Lakeland 50 will be a good start for me this year, given that I still haven't hiked at all in the Lakes!

  10. Dawn, the Lakeland 50 is a good 'taster'. I started with that in 2009.