Monday, 6 February 2012

Rombald's Stride 22mi. 04/02/2012.

Rombald's Moor (he didn't need to jump; it was solid)

A snow storm was forecast for after midday and there were worries about making it back home safely to the other side over the M62, but since it was my 13th consecutive year on this event and I was feeling lucky I embarked on the 1.5-hour journey to Guiseley anyway.

After a frigid week we set off in sub-zero temperatures and weakening sunshine. The ground was frozen solid to give us the best running conditions we are ever likely to get on this event. The freshly flagstoned path across the bogfest (in normal circumstances) near Whetstone Gate added to the PB potential. PBs all round then.

Whetstone Gate

The first snow started in the form of micro pellets of hail that tinkled down onto the dead vegetation delicately but very audibly as I crossed the fields towards The Chevin, with three miles to go. Proper snowflakes were coming down by the self clip halfway up the stiff climb of The Chevin. A push to the top and the last checkpoint at Yorkgate Quarry brought the final 1.6-mile downhill to the finish at the school. A sub-4 remained annoyingly elusive, but nevertheless 4:04 was a PB for this new route.

Final self clip on the steep climb of The Chevin

A quick feed of meat pie, boiled potatoes and peas washed down with a pint of tea and I was off quicker than usual to make it back over the watershed before the weather really closed in. I made it safely to conclude another successful day.

This weekend's effort proved to be less farcical than last weekend's - twice the distance took less time. That'll do me. :-) Here are the pictures.

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  1. Hi Nick and welcome back into the fair shire! ... Hope you made it back safely and a pb so early in the year! Methinks what does this portend for the calendar this year ... I'll be watching this space!