Monday, 5 March 2012

A quick update

I know I've been a bit quiet. That's because there's been nothing to report. I've done no running since Anglezarke Amble (and I didn't run much then, either). Da poor ickle wickle toe wot got busted four days before Anglezarke complains if I have to wear shoes to get around. It doesn't like being squashed by footwear that, without exception, is not designed to conform to the shape of real human feet. (At least I thought I was human, the last time I checked.)

My first exercise since Anglezarke was a reconnoitre of the new Calderdale Hike route last Friday and Saturday with a couple of walking friends (26 miles in 8:34 and 17 miles in 5:42). It was leisurely and very enjoyable to investigate new paths among the Calderdale infestation of such, but the toe swelled painfully in sympathy. For obvious reasons I didn't do Peelers Hike on Sunday.

Next Saturday brings the first race in this year's Runfurther series - the 32-mile Wuthering Hike. I won't be running another step between now and then in the hopes that the toe improves a little further. I shall be hideously unfit and prime PW material, but I reckon a PW is better that a DNF or, worse still, a DNS. I've been there before and don't want to be there again if I can help it.

For the following Saturday (March 17) I've seized the opportunity of being in the San Francisco area to enter the Canyon Meadow 50k trail race. The Rivington Pike fell race on Easter Saturday has also come to my attention. It would be a shame to miss that one on a weekend that is usually race-free. The race schedule needs another update but it'll have to wait. As I'm rather busy these days, don't hold your breath for big race reports or pictures at least until April. In the meantime, Happy Running and stay injury-free.


  1. Fingers and toes crossed for the Wuthering Hike

    Good luck Nick!

  2. Picture of you in the latest Fellrunner Magazine, on the Runfurther advert page following a write up about the series.

  3. Best of luck Nick, hope to see you at start - and finish - of WH this weekend.

  4. Thanks sbrt; see you there DE, but you'll have to linger awhile to see me at the finish. Will you have time to burn?

    'Anonymous', what a pleasant suprise that they would choose to show a plodder in promotional material. That's normally reserved for the elites. We may all try as hard and push ourselves to the same limits but only those born with the ability to run very fast will win races and the accolades that go with it (usually). I have yet to receive the magazine.

  5. Bruised achilles (or maybe tendinitis) and lack of fitness is making my Wuthering Hike prospects look a bit iffy as well, may see you at back of the field!