Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kinder Downfall fell race 10mi. 14/04/2013.

Race 3 of 9 in the 2013 Hayfield Championship series.

I wouldn't normally have chosen to do this on the day after Calderdale but it was part of the Hayfield Championship and I had set myself the target of doing most (all?) of them this year. The fact that I was decidedly off the boil after just returning to the UK added an extra challenge. I felt tired and in no mood to even start. I'd just revert to 'get round mode', Ultra-stylie.

The forecast was for rain and more rain, so my camera stayed at home. In the event we just got wind instead. By 'wind' I mean extreme gale that forced us to waddle falteringly along Kinder edge like geriatric gorillas to maintain balance; that blew our right foot into our left and tripped us up as we attempted to 'run'; that turned Kinder Downfall into Kinder Upfall to give us a frigid power shower as we passed above it; that one runner accused of causing him to slap himself across the face when he went to wipe snot from his nose (snot that undoubtedly was created and harvested by said gale).

Here's Kinder Upfall looking back, as taken by 'finniganjones' during the race. That's almost 100% water recycling.

Oh how we toiled but how I toiled some more; depleted and weak as a kitten I was as runners overtook me along the plateau and descent to Edale Cross. I had just eaten my emergency rations and expected to pick up after the right turn to descend (eventually) back to Hayfield, but the body was 'avin' none of it. I continued to get overtaken as I could only plod hopelessly downhill.

Upon crossing the finish line 16 minutes slower than I did last year I fell to the ground exhausted for a recovery lie-down. Shortly afterwards in the scout hut at the presentation, soup, bread roll, 3 cups of tea and 2 pieces of home-made cake did little to bring me back to life as I slumped in a corner. People asked if I was alright. "I'll survive." I drove back home and went to bed, too tired even to shower. Did I mention somewhere that business travel ruins fitness?

Here's an impressive video of the Upfall by 'martincorbetuk':


  1. Hi Nick
    The vid was one I pinched off you tube but hopefully I have sent you a Photo.


    1. Thanks for the correction, Steve. I found out who created the video and acknowledged the right person. Thanks also for the photo, received successfully.