Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Parkruns unite the world....

In addition to the runs I managed to grab on hotel gym treadmills, along the Auckland seafront and around the big man-made lake adjacent to my hotel in Adelaide (see above), I managed to squeeze in a couple of Parkruns in Australia - Albert Parkrun, Melbourne on Easter Saturday and Torrens Parkrun, Adelaide the week after. I'd made sure to take my barcode with me on my travels just in case.

The Parkrun format is the same wherever you go - the same timing system with the same familiar beep, the same friendly, all-inclusive atmosphere. Runners are the same the world over - a big, happy family - and Parkrun is doing a good job in expanding that family like never would have happened otherwise. It's a brilliant concept that can do no wrong, in my opinion.

Albert Parkrun was a little more competitive than I'm used to, with quite a lot of speedy club runners. Torrens Parkrun, on the other hand, was much lower key than I'm used to, although it was still very young as an event. The route around Torrens Park was modified due to building works and was beautifully picturesque. I particularly enjoyed the post-run coffees and banter at the kiosk beside the weir (see picture below just before sunrise). I hardly need add that they were proper coffees, proper quality. Yes, Aussies know how to do good coffee as well.

Albert Parkrun, Melbourne. 30/03/2013. (My photos here.)

Torrens Parkrun, Adelaide. 06/04/2013. (My photos here.)


  1. The manmade lake looks amazing. What was the temperature at the seafront?

    i just injured my knee at a local running event so my new best friend is one of these -- stamina inmotion. Looking at your photos in the events helps uplift my spirit so I thank you for helping my recovery.

    High five Nick

    1. Hi David. I wish you a speedy recovery. The temperature at the seafront was mid twenties C, at a guess; pretty good for autumn.