Friday, 19 February 2010

Break plus ten days

I missed a really good Anglezarke Amble last Saturday by all accounts. The conditions sounded nigh on perfect. It would have been my 11th consecutive year had I been able to honour my entry and I would have gunned for a sub-4 PB, given half a chance. I had 7 minutes to knock off last year's time. I desperately wanted to drive up to Rivington to soak up the atmosphere and support in any way I could. I was on the verge of going but when my alarm went off at 5am I decided to take my medicine like a good boy and stay at home to rest. I found some pictures of the day here. The moors are a-calling.

Tomorrow I was due to run the rescheduled Tandem from Goathland but that's one I definitely knew I'd have to cancel. (I'd already lost my running partner and was having to run it solo.) I hope everyone doing it has a good run and the winter weather doesn't stick the spanner in the works for a second time. It seems to be trying its hardest to do just that.

During the week the foot has improved somewhat and I am able to walk around slowly and carefully with sock and sandal providing the support. (It's still too swollen so far for a shoe to be comfortable.) I even managed to get the backlog of shopping done after work today, which was a load off my mind. There was so much to get it felt more like a pre-Christmas shop.

I ditched the cyborg boot on Tuesday because it caused more pain than the plain old sandal. I figure that as long as I'm not causing pain I'm not doing damage.


  1. aye can still see a big difference
    you'll be even more fired up when you return i reckon
    keep taking the tablets..i'll put an extra circuit in around the goyt for you this weekend ;)

  2. That's very thoughtful of you uc. I can feel the fitness already ;-)

  3. Your premonition about the Tandem & snow proved correct- we will all want to be back next year.
    You keep doing "what the doctor said" & your bone WILL heal- just takes a little time & pateince which we all struggle with

  4. Here's hoping you get better soon and come back stronger

  5. Thanks Jenny and Andrew. Walking is still slow and stiff. My right knee is giving me more concern though. It probably helped to wreck my left foot as I ran over the past year. I'm due to see the doctor tomorrow to ask for a scan.

  6. Definately less swelling, i can tell your itching to be out again