Sunday, 14 February 2010

Break plus five days

Five days after the completion of the creeping breakage:

Notice the change in Blog picture to reflect the new mood. The storm is passing and the sun is emerging. Positive feedback from the forums from those who have been in a similar situation (thanks FR and others) has reassured me that it doesn't have to be 6 weeks of immobility. Thank goodness I didn't opt for the plaster cast. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I'm just about mobile with tight bandaging and a sandal whose strap keeps everything clamped in place.


  1. Are you mad Nick? It looks as swollen as before! Less bruising yes, but still swollen! I'm sure it's worth taking your time recovering so you make sure you don't injure it again.

  2. Hi Nick,

    You must have just been in front of me on Rombalds Stride...I noticed you're diary is blank on the 24th April, if you are looking for a race try 'The Highland Fling', it's 53 miles over the first half of the West Highland Way, starts on the outskirts of Glasgow, here's a link to the race, if it's of interest.



  3. Madness, don't worry. I'm not about to do anything rash or premature. It's more my mental acceptance of the situation than me threatening to go out and wreck it.

    Hi Ewan, thanks for the suggestion but I'd already rejected the Highland Fling this year. I did do it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've entered the 3 Peaks Fell Race on the same day.