Sunday, 24 February 2013

A slight pause then something big

Things may go quiet for a while. Yesterday's Woodbank Parkrun gave me my last proper run for 3 weeks until this:

Tarawera Ultra Marathon 100k

and this:

Te Houtaewa Challenge 62km.

I depart this afternoon and may struggle to get on-line. In any case there'll be a lot of work to do in South Korea, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand with not many exercise opportunities (apart from the odd hour or two in hotel gyms) before I meet up with ex-pat Jan Danilo for some fun and games in Rotorua. I hope I don't go to seed too much.

Jan, if you see this, please prepare the rehab for the arrival of the sloth. I want to be race fit by March 16th. Can you do it in a day? ;-)

The Tarawera Ultra 2013 has the deepest, most competitive field of world-class ultra runners it's ever had in its young history (I expect zero race points in the FRA Forum Champs). This is its 5th year. It has built up quite a reputation because Race Organiser Paul Charteris modelled it on the big races in America like the Western States 100. Support is second to none and its reputation is now paying dividends.

[Paul and I go back a few years now. He was my first ever pacer on my first Western States 100 in that hot furnace year 2006. If he is half as good a R.O. as he is a pacer, I'm expecting great things next month.]

Following on from all that excitement I have packed a certain essential barcode because, if things work out, I might even squeeze in a Parkrun in Australia when I move on to there. Melbourne over Easter is looking difficult to pull off but the Torrens Parkrun is looking more likely a week later after taking care of business in Adelaide, just before I fly back to Istanbul for another week of taking care of you-know-what. I will return just in time for the Calderdale Hike and Kinder Downfall fell race the day after. Calderdale Hike will be my first 2013 Runfurther race as a member of Team Krypton. Oh, the pressure!


  1. Good luck with it all Nick. Stay health, plenty of sleep, don't worry too much about your fitness, I'm sure the stamina's already there. Looking forward to some interesting blogging when you get back. See you in May if not before...

  2. You`re up to the job !!! .... busy then?? :)

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