Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rombald's Stride 23mi. 02/02/2013.

Glorious blue sky and sunshine
Just frozen (bogs and puddles excepted)
Cold breeze on Ilkley Moor
Some didn't need a hat.

Flagstone highway
Lanshaw Lad to Whetstone Gate
Good or bad?

How high can you lift your feet?
Ice patches, gaps and lumps
Trips and falls, scrapes and bumps
Capture the moment. SportSunday.

Bouncy bog past Rombald's Moor
Now sandstone flagged, Borg awaits
Resistance is futile, you shall be assimilated
Bog Monster's Borg, Bog Monster wins.

Piper's Crag, where's the checkpoint?
"Two walls across", out-n-back
Distance, time, waste, loss
Do I care? Perhaps.

White Wells, walk-break, relief, rest
Rocky Valley, gradient eased
Start to run, slow to walk

Hang a right, over the shoulder
Cross the path to minor trod
Hang a left, descend, slip
Slide to conduit. Jump!

Rocks, mud, trips & stumbles
Pancake Stone to Coldstone Ghyll
Getting tired, take it steady
But not too steady, don't get caught.

Self clip to Burley Woodhead
Just the cake but no tea
Menston beckons with its snickets,
Hidden passages and alleys.

Wayward runners called on route
To climb the fields to The Chevin
They pull away but they won't win
I down more Coke to reel them in.

Up The Chevin we haul ourselves
To the clipper; head is light
Where do we punch, too much effort
That'll do, now get thee up.

Up the steps, through the woods
Still climbing, reach the ridge
Turn right, final checkpoint
All downhill, 2.6 to go.

Down, road, track, mud
Track, bogs, mud, track
Scandal, outrage, track, mud
Bog Monster doesn't belong here.

Out onto road, don't get caught
Descending, crossroad, crossing, pedestrian
Traffic already stopped, clear run through

Past the church, early finishers
Walking back, "Well done"
"Thanks", nearly there
Left to school, right to desk.

14th FINISH!
Sub-4; PB.

I even found time to take some pictures.


  1. Absolutely brilliant Nick 8-)
    Loved your pictures too, a fantastic record of the day

    1. Thanks Ant. :-) It seems a long time ago now.