Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Anglezarke Amble 24.5mi. 09/02/2013.

It was somewhat less icy than it was last year (that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience). There were no ice-encrusted reeds this year to caress the ears with their massed delicate tinkling of breaking ice rods as we ran through them. Instead we enjoyed the frigid feel of snow-dusted reeds brushing against bare legs (at least I did; I think I was the only one wearing shorts).

There was fresh snow on Rivington Pike, Winter Hill and the moors to keep the winter feel alive. Hill cloud, combined with fewer direction signs than we had grown accustomed to over the years, caused some who weren't sure of the route to go astray. Some locals should have known better (shame on you, Ian ;-)).

It hadn't been cold enough for the ground to be frozen. Mud and bogs were as bad as they can get on this route. Great Hill is in a dreadful state now. I have seen it deteriorate badly over the past 14 years. How long will it be before the stone flags start to appear on the motorway bog-fest on our approach?

The forecast had improved by Saturday morning. True to prediction, any drizzle had died out before our 8am start and we enjoyed a precipitation-free outing. Ever optimistic, I took my camera but only took a few pictures at checkpoints because I was putting my foot down everywhere else. What I did take is here.

Many thanks once again to West Lancs LDWA for giving us this annual pleasure, whatever the weather.


  1. Looks fun! Longing for some spring sunshine, had enough of snow running this winter.

  2. I love that event despite my recent absences. I don't remember the steps in the picture?

  3. I quite enjoy the snow running. We don't get enough around here to get tired of it. It either doesn't snow or it's rain.

    Paul, the steps are on the climb to Rivington Pike. I don't recall you doing Anglezarke. When was it?

  4. I think that snow looks slightly easier to run on than last years ice. I can remember that quite well.