Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kinder Trog fell race 16mi. 23/06/2013.

Race 7 of 10 in the 2013 Hayfield Championship series.

I ran the Woodbank Parkrun on Saturday 22nd in preparation for this, one of the longest fell races from Hayfield that seems to include parts of every other fell race in the area. The wind and rain came with unexpected intensity on the top of Kinder, writing off my camera in the process with its first dampening, the useless delicate item. (The previous one still works after multiple soakings and full immersions, though its lens is irretrievably contaminated internally to the point of uselessness.)

It's good how the wind and rain don't bother you when you're getting on with the job of running a race and keeping yourself warm in the process. I remember feeling quite contented despite the conditions up on top.

I was well pleased with a 2:43 finish and to be able to run strongly pretty much to the end - so much better than my Kinder Downfall effort back in April when it took me 2:01 to 'run' 10 miles.

All pictures I managed to take are here.

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