Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Short races hone running skills

…. not just fell races but flat(ish) traily ones and Parkruns too.

Wed 10/07/2013 - Offerton 10k
This was the second year running and third time for me at this testing evening race around Woodbank and Vernon Parks. The weather had cooled temporarily just for the day to make it a little more bearable. I was delighted to get a 12th PB for the year and an all-time 10k PB, with those three hills. I had half expected it but not by that margin. Race times for my three completions are:
2005 0:48:32
2012 0:48:28
2013 0:46:18 (improvement thanks to more fell racing).
Thanks once again to Stockport Harriers for putting on such a superb, friendly race. I can’t wait for the Stockport 10 (mile) in December now.

Sale Sizzlers
This is a series of four Thursday evening 5k races put on by Sale Harriers in Wythenshawe Park. This year they occurred two weeks apart on 4 July, 18 July, 1 August and 15 August. It’s a flat course and times are quick – up to a minute quicker than the Woodbank Parkrun course.
There were no PBs for me this year, due partly to the high temperatures as the heatwave really took hold with high humidity and temperatures hitting the low 30s C.
The Lakeland 100 five days previous added a minute to my 3rd race time. (If it hadn't been timed I wouldn't have known as it didn't feel any different to normal – same old ‘just give it all you've got until you've finished’.)
The 4th race was a championship event and several Olympians past and present honoured us with their presence. The only one I recognised was Ron Hill. Many photographs were taken but not by me this time (scenery too boring ;-)). Large numbers meant more hold-ups than usual on the initial circuit of the track, so I was pleased to get my fastest time of the year. 21:42 remained 14 seconds outside my all-time 5k PB from 2006.
Those who completed all four races received a medal handed over by an Olympian, a current one judging by her young appearance and tracksuit (sorry but I have no idea who, since I don’t follow any professional sports).
This year’s statistics are:
Date      Time Excuses
04/07  0:21:46 Hot
18/07 0:21:58 Even hotter
01/08 0:22:46 4 days after L100
15/08 0:21:42 Humid and crowded
The photo is an arty creation from Harry Shakeshaft of HSPhotos taken near the finish line of the third race. Pretty cool, eh? You don't get that special treatment when you purchase from other race photographers.

Sat 20/07/2013 - Woodbank Parkrun, long and technical edition
I included this because the funfair in the park forced us around the back of the athletics track down the rooty twisty turny single paths beside the river. The climb back up to the park was steep and long enough to force me to walk, even on the first loop. The distance was over, which I was informed is necessary with Parkruns when alternative routes have to be used. I have to say I was in my element as I danced down the narrow paths making sure not to trip on all the hazards. Fancy having to put fell-running skills to good use on a Parkrun! My time of 23:54 was 1:30 slower than for the normal course but my finishing position was the highest ever (9th out of 93 finishers and 1st V45-49).

Sun 21/07/2013 - Gravy 6
A first time for me, this was a 6 mile trail race from Hadfield around the reservoirs of the lower Longdendale valley. Much of it used the railway bed of the defunct Woodhead line. I was pleased to be able to run this after missing the ‘Round The Resers’ race earlier in the year, which covers a similar route.
I took some pictures this time with my old blurred camera.

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